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Plan Your Mountain Lakes NJ Wedding With Michelle Perez Now

Michelle Perez can help you plan a wedding in Mountain Lakes, NJ, in 2022.

Did you know:

The average wedding expense has risen to the point where the term "budget" may no longer be appropriate.

You'd be mistaken, of course.

You still need a budget, whether you're spending $3,000 (far below average, even in the least expensive areas of the United States, but we know of several people who have done it successfully) or $30,000 (only a little more than the average cost of a wedding today, so moderate means plenty of people spend more).

A budget isn't always about cutting back on expenses. It's a strategy for allocating the money you have, regardless of its value.

We hope you're one of the fortunate few who can afford to go all out for your dream wedding. On the other hand, we know some highly affluent individuals, and no one we know hasn't worried about the cost of their wedding to some extent.

Most people can't or don't want to spend their funds and put their wedding on credit because they can't afford it.

Weddings tend to be quickly followed by even more expensive, more permanent things to spend your hard-earned money on, such as buying a house and having a baby (or two).

It is even more challenging knowing that many brides marry later in life when they're well established in their careers and don't have their weekdays free to meet wedding vendors and sample cake.

Is it more expensive to hire a wedding planner, or is it less costly to hire a wedding planner?

Professional wedding planners must, of course, be compensated, so they will undoubtedly cost you money. However, there is a case to be made (and is made, both by wedding planners and brides who have been satisfied with their professional planners) that hiring a wedding planner can save you money in other ways. Every year, a seasoned wedding planner works on several weddings. This implies they'll have long-term connections with particular wedding providers and venues, who will owe it to the wedding planner to give her a discount so she may employ their services at all of the weddings she's involved with.

-On the other hand -

Wedding planners also strive to keep customers happy with the service they give, even if it has no bearing on your budget. After your wedding, you're unlikely to see these vendors again (at least not for a long time, if not ever). On the other hand, a wedding planner would see these suppliers repeatedly since she is a loyal consumer.

You might be able to obtain the best of everything if you select a wedding planner with a good reputation (among brides and local vendors): A wedding planner who can readily connect you with top-tier vendors and secure significant discounts.

Even if you have a fantastic wedding planner on your team, you should do your research and discuss your budget with your planner. If the planner cannot keep costs under control, you must constantly give your own cost-cutting suggestions.


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