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NJ Day of Wedding Planning

When beginning the wedding planning process, every bride has the best intentions. You imagine yourself on a beautiful day, surrounded by loved ones, beaming with delight and taking in all the exquisite details. However, it's unavoidable that no bride plans for the stress of such a momentous day. Everybody experiences stress at some point in their everyday lives. If your schedule is already hectic, arranging a wedding can be too much.

Keep in mind that you are the one who sets the mood for both the actual wedding and the months leading up to it. The people around you will pick up on your energy, so they'll also feel stressed if you're stressed. Setting yourself up for success will reduce not only your stress levels but also the stress levels of those around you.

What is the safest way for you to transition from being engaged to marriage? Here is some advice on how to stay composed and balanced while organizing your wedding.

There's a saying that if anything wrong, it will occur on the wedding day. To reduce stress on this important day, professional wedding planner Michelle Perez of Knot Just Wedding Events offers some advice.

Michelle provides the following as one of her most essential services:

2-3 in-person sessions are required to understand the couple's goals fully.

Access to the pair by phone and email at all times

On-site Management during the entire wedding planning process

Review all the information by strolling through the location.

Check with the vendors about all the contracted services.

Set the music (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception)

All-day Schedule

For images, contact the bridal party and family.

Organize all of your information

Talk to the photographer to make sure they take all the pictures you want.

Give vendors their required final payments and tips.

Give the bridal party and family bouquets and corsages.

Chargers, menu cards, and treats should be placed at each place setting.

Assemble a kit with your bridal party's emergency supplies.

Avoid issues before they happen and address them at your event.

Whenever it does not conflict with another wedding, I'll go to the rehearsal.

A successful wedding can be achieved by following this road map.

But, wait...

It's best not to try doing all of this yourself!

Be Prepared

Starting with a solid plan can help you avoid any stress that may arise during the wedding planning process. Choosing your wedding style must come first for you and your fiancé. As their opinions are frequently relevant, talk with your parents about the possibilities. If you don't hire a wedding planner, you'll have to figure out how much money to spend and when to do things for your wedding. They are significant. Before continuing, take this as your first step.

Make a Budget That Is Reasonable

During the process of planning a wedding, the budget is the main source of disagreement and stress. Discuss the budget with your fiance and any other contributors to the wedding; come up with a figure that works for everyone and stick to it. Be upfront with your fiancé and refrain from making any overbudget purchases. You might have to do some research to determine the typical wedding costs in your area since prices differ from city to city.

Need professional help? Sure, you do. Contact Michelle Perez today at



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