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NJ Day of Coordination Wedding Planning

When planning a New Jersey Day of Coordination Wedding, your main goal is to have a "wow" wedding. You want to have a memorable and special day for you and your partner. Let us discuss how we can achieve this goal.

Get custom invitations. Instead of doing it yourself, why not consider consulting a wedding planner like Michelle Perez to get exactly what you want in a professional style?


Not only are professional wedding invitations well made, but they also come with wedding themes that fit your lifestyle.

Favors from Home

Bring a few favors from your home town to the planner. Having an idea of the style of your groom's and/or your mom's favorite flowers will help her design something unique for your day.

Self-Decorating With the Planner's Help

If you are a fan of doing decorating yourself, why not get someone to do it for you? Michelle and her team can save you time and money when you're making decorations for your wedding.

Outdoor Weddings

If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding, why not take advantage of the location? Not only will you be able to use your outdoor spaces, but you'll be able to serve snacks and drinks.

Wedding Hall

What about if your wedding venue has a wedding hall attached? This will give you the chance to use the bar during your reception.

You could even design your wedding a little different than the norm. Try taking your theme from your life in general. The NJ wedding planner can help you to plan this.


It can't hurt to throw in some surprises too. Create a theme from your favorite movie or show, or maybe something specific to your family.

Having a theme when planning your wedding is a way to break away from the norm. However, you have to make sure that you don't become too focused on it. You'll end up creating a losing battle if you do.

The reason why you're reading this is that you want to be more creative with your theme and your day. New Jersey Day of Coordination Wedding Planning is the best way to create a unique and wonderful day for you and your spouse. Using the tips in this article, you'll be able to have the perfect day.

Day of Coordination includes:

• Up to 2 Meetings

• 1 Wedding planner

(second coordinator available $

• Unlimited emails/advice

• Wedding Day timeline

• Up to 8 hours of coverage

• Vendor referrals as requested

• Use of our Extensive Emergency Kit

• Assist vendors, wedding party, family etc

• Confirmation of Vendors

• Coordination of Events at Reception

• Assist DJ/Band with Grand Entrance

• Assist your guests with escort cards

• Coordinate Processional and Recessional

• Supervise ceremony and reception to ensure a smooth and stress-free day

Rehearsal Coordination (can be added $200.00 additional)

Knot Just Wedding Events LLC

Bridal Assistant NJ 732-735-3189


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