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Preparing for the NJ Wedding Planner

Couples usually discover that their wedding is much easier when they use a NJ wedding planner. One of the most important things you can do is to prepare before you go to the planner, since this allows you to clarify your ideas and prepare questions and concerns.

A Smart Move

Hiring a NJ wedding planner is a smart move, but before they can help you plan and create the wedding of your dreams they first need to know exactly what you want. Not what you think you might want, or what you imagine your mother-in-law would prefer, but what you actually would like for your wedding. From colors to food, you will have a lot of decisions to make and it is easier to make some of them if you think about your preferences beforehand.

Always Prepare

When you are ready to start your wedding planning, an important first step is to write down everything about your wedding that is on your mind. Get a large piece of paper and start writing everything that comes to mind in any particular order. A list might read something like, “NO spinach, slim line dress, church like the one in England, stuffed mushrooms, chocolate, wine bar, disco dancing…” etc. The point is not to organize your thoughts yet or start the job of the wedding planner, but to to get as many thoughts related to your wedding onto paper so that you can see them clearly.

Organize the Details

Once you are finished getting all the wedding details you have been mulling over out of your mind and on paper it is time to organize them. Get a fresh piece of paper and write the following across the top: Dress, Flowers, Ceremony, Reception, Food, Guests, Invitations, Transportation, Entertainment, and Miscellaneous. Write each item from your original list under the header that it pertains to. For example, “stuffed mushrooms” would go under reception, “church like the one in England” would go under ceremony.

Share the Information

Once you are clear about what you would like and not like in your wedding, share the information with your partner. When both of you are aware of each other’s preferences the planning process becomes much easier. Bring this information to your first visit with your wedding planner so that your thoughts will be clear and focused and a lot of your basic decisions will already be made. This will free you up for the fun part of planning which is meeting new people and learning how they can add their skill and artistry to your wedding.

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