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Planning a Cost-Effective New Jersey Wedding

You might believe that planning a wedding on a budget is unrealistic. Most couples think that having a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception can only occur by spending thousands of dollars. The truth is that anyone can have a beautiful wedding and reception at a reasonable cost if it is planned correctly. The keyword here is plan and that is where a New Jersey wedding planner comes into the picture. They are well worth the investment and will save you money in the long run.

There are lots of places to save money when planning your wedding that will really make a difference. When the actual task of your wedding planning begins, there may be times when you get confused and frustrated, and will not know what to include and where to cut. The wedding planner to the rescue! You might begin to think that every part of the wedding is just as important as the other.

1) Stay away from peak season.

Try to schedule your wedding during the off-season and during a non-peak day of the week. Most people plan their weddings to occur in the summer or spring. But, by scheduling an off-peak wedding you will be saving money. Most vendors charge higher prices during periods of high demand. For example, scheduling a morning ceremony could save you considerably. And by serving brunch or lunch instead of a more expensive dinner you will be cutting costs there as well.

2) Do your own printing or create your own invitations.

By working with your NJ wedding planner you will be able to find a wedding reception program, invitations, and "save this date" type magnet cards which will allow a significant cost savings on printing.

3) Don't spend extravagantly on a wedding gown.

This is one aspect of planning that every bride looks forward to, but there are many options available that will allow the bride to look great at a fraction of the cost.

4) Consider having an outside wedding.

Many towns in New Jersey have beautiful parks and gardens and will only charge a minor maintenance or permit fee. Also, by having your wedding in the outdoors you will save on the cost of decorations, since the natural beauty that surrounds you will add an extra special touch to the decor.

5) Don't order out of season flowers.

The flowers for the ceremony and wedding reception can be expensive. Avoiding the use of "out of season" flowers will definitely help to contain the cost.

6) Make a deal with your photographer.

If you are going to use a professional for your wedding and wedding reception pictures then you and your planner should definitely shop around and look for deals.The good thing is, if you are really looking to spend less, this is where you can. Most photographers will usually offer special package deals that include nice albums. When you find someone whose work you like, don't be afraid to negotiate for the price you desire. This should be done when it comes to every step of your budget wedding plans.

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