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Summer Wedding Mistakes to Avoid in Garwood, New Jersey

First and foremost, don't make the mistake of planning your own wedding.

It's fun to have friends and family assist you in organizing a wedding. You want to share this unforgettable experience with your loved ones and include them in the entire process. Checklists can be found in magazines, innumerable books have been published, television shows abound, and you may have already planned activities. You may believe that you can pull this off and save much money with all of this free information and your team of willing helpers. There is, however, no replacement for a well-trained and experienced New Jersey wedding planner to help you through the many twists and turns you may encounter.

A wedding coordinator knows which local vendors will give you the most satisfactory service for the best price. Each vendor can be negotiated at a significant discount by planners. When problems arise with your vendors, and even your family, having a neutral person to advocate for you is crucial. Finally, having someone by your side on such a significant day is priceless. There will be thousands of things to coordinate, and you will need someone with experience to make the day run successfully. When they have a wedding in their own family, even seasoned wedding planners employ other wedding planners to assist them.

An experienced wedding planner recently stated that there's no doubt that when her daughter gets engaged, she will employ another wedding planner to assist with the wedding day. As any Mother of the Bride should, she will want to remember, appreciate, and embrace the entire experience.

Don't put your friends and family to work on the day of your wedding. Allow them to have fun with you during this time. You only get to do this once, and your guests, not workers, will enjoy being invited to your wedding. Leave the job to the pros so you can all relax and enjoy the moment.

Mistake #2: Enlisting the help of a friend to make the cake.

"A cake is made of flour, sugar, and water," some people say, "but my first automobile wasn't that expensive." "Father of the Bride" is the source of this statement. It's understandable that George's first preference would have been for his sister to make the cake or for him to get one from the local grocery store.

Consider this before you hire Gladys to write "Congratulations" on a sheet cake in her best cursive. One of the pleasures of the trip will be a close inspection of the cake on your wedding day, as your guests roam about your reception appreciating the magnificence of the space, the unusual decorations, or the delicious tasting champagne. When your guests look at your cake, they'll notice that it's an expression of your personality, style, and the amount of elegance you've assigned to the occasion. Bakers, exceptionally experienced bakers, are artists as well as bakers. They will schedule a free consultation with you. They'll listen to your ideas and examine all of the magazine clippings you've saved. Only a competent baker can incorporate all of those elements into delicious art. Of course, there's also the matter of the taste of your cake. A tasting test is recommended at all times.

Bring your mother, sister, and best friend with you. Make it a full day! Experiment with different flavors, textures, and frostings. Is it excessively dry or excessively moist? Was the icing too sweet, stiff, thin, or lumpy? All of these things are things you'll want to know before Aunt Betty shows up at your wedding with her homemade version of Pisa's leaning tower. Engage the services of an expert baker.

Mistake #3: Enlisting the help of a friend to play the music.

Have you ever found yourself in a precarious situation? You run into an old friend at the mall but can't remember her name, or you're having lunch with your boss, and she has a piece of spinach stuck between her teeth? Consider the day of your wedding. You've got your new groom in your arms, and you're both excited for your first dance together. The lights are dimmed, and love is in the air as all of your friends and family watch with bated breath. But wait, what's that noise coming from the speakers in the corner? Silence. Worse, your cousin Fred has a perplexed expression as he frantically searches his iPhone for the correct song. You're experiencing exactly how other women who saved a few hundred bucks on a DJ by asking a friend to perform some songs at their wedding felt.

At a wedding, there's much more going on than just playing music. When will the toasts be announced? What about the dancing? Who will keep things moving by ensuring that your visitors know where they need to go and when they should arrive? Who will notify them when it is time for their table to proceed to the buffet line so that the line does not grow to over a hundred people? Who will inform them of what will happen next? Who will ensure that there are no awkward gaps during the night? Who will entice your guests to participate in traditional wedding rituals such as the mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, and garter and bouquet toss? You'll figure out that a professional DJ is an answer if you're savvy. It's your special day. The day will either be made or broken by your DJ. Hiring a pro is something you owe to yourself.

With the guidance of a professional wedding planner such as Michelle Perez, you can avoid all of these blunders and more. It has a significant impact.


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