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Planning a New Jersey Wedding? Read This First.

Be mindful of your requirements. What kind of service do you need? Since there are as many planners as there are options, it's critical that you limit your search based on your requirements. Here are some of the most common services that wedding planner Michelle Perez offers:

Plan for the "day of" your wedding to make sure everything is handled professionally.

An experienced and professional wedding planner like Michelle will recommend different vendors based on your preferences.

Exceptional Service

Michelle and her team are in charge of everything. They choose the location, book the church, and help find providers.

Please take into account their training and history. You may be seeking a wedding planner as a partner who will do all the work and collaborate with you while giving you room for your unique creativity to show. Or, even better, you can search for someone well-balanced in creativeness and structure.

Wedding Planner Background

Bear in mind their background. How long have they been in operation? A trustworthy planner will be willing to demonstrate their dependability and expertise. For instance, they will be able to provide you with client references so that you can get in touch with them directly. They ought to be willing to offer you examples of previous weddings they've organized.

They should have an extensive collection of wedding photos and videos that they can show you. Testimonials from the service providers with whom they had the most contact are also helpful. Asking for this employment history from a prospective wedding planner is acceptable.


Think about their education. What kind of education did they have before becoming a wedding planner? Does the person have experience in a relevant field, such as event planning? This will give you a better idea of the kind of planner they are and the inspiration behind their decision to pursue this profession. In addition to being great wedding planners, many are really into weddings, which you can tell by how well they know the latest styles and trends.


Please take into account their professionalism, communication, and organizing abilities. Have they demonstrated professionalism and dependability since you first started speaking with them? Emails sent to a professional wedding planner should receive timely responses from someone you will be in daily contact with. It might be frustrating only to send three or four emails to obtain one comprehensive response. The reactions should be in-depth.

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