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Do we need a NJ wedding planner?

Advice | Do We Need A NJ Wedding Planner?

"Do we need a wedding planner?" YES!

Every couple can benefit from hiring a New Jersey wedding planner. Even if your NJ wedding is small and relatively simple, I'm betting that you still have lots of details to see. And you want your day to be stress-free & smooth?

Heres some issues having a Day of Planner can help you with

1. Which wedding vendors should I hire? This is a big one for wedding planners. We've worked with all types of local DJs, florists, venues, limo companies etc and can help you to pick reliable ones to assist you on your one and only wedding day.

2. How can I get the best prices for my wedding vendors? Lots of people don't realize that having a planner can actually reduce the cost of your wedding. How so? A planner not only saves you time by recommending only the best vendors, but we can also save you money by their referral base

3. What is proper etiquette for my specific situation? There's so much that you're expected to know when you're planning a wedding. A planner can tell you all the proper ways to word invitations, create seating plans, manage unruly guests, structure your ceremony to flow smoothly and more!

4. My vendors say they'll be ready for my wedding, but how do I know they will actually do what they say they'll do? To you, your dream wedding is your special, once-in-a-lifetime day. To your vendors, it's sometimes just another job on their long list. But if you have a wedding planner, you have a contact person to coordinate every last one of your vendors. You can be sure that every vendor will have the correct information, and all the details will be as YOU want them.

5. How can I make sure my bridal party and family know what to do?A wedding planner knows how to bring them all together. We can run your rehearsal, hand out schedules to everyone, reconfirm arrival times, and direct everyone to their places on the day of your wedding.

6. What if something goes wrong during my wedding? We have an "emergency kit" to take care of every need you may have, from fabric cleaner to bobby pins , mirrors and hairspray!

For a great day of wedding planner for your one and only special wedding day check out Knot Just Wedding Events LLC 732-735-3189


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