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Don't forget these key details on your NJ wedding day!


1. Don’t Forget to eat Breakfast/ lunch

Most often, wedding receptions happen during the evening. On any other day, you would likely make sure to eat both breakfast and lunch, and your wedding day is no different. In fact, it may be more important to stay fueled on this day than any other! We highly recommend setting a plan into place for lunch for everyone in your wedding party.

2. Don’t Forget to Book Transportation

Make sure to think through how you’re traveling from your getting ready location to your ceremony and then to your reception if all three are happening in different places. Try to avoid making a plan on your wedding day at all costs because the stress of doing so isn’t necessary.

3. Don’t Forget little Details

You plan and plan and have envisioned your day, but did you know that some of the commonly forgotten things for the wedding day are the details? These are things like table numbers, escort or seating displays, menus, signage, and more. Yes, they are little things, but they really do make a difference! Your NJ wedding planner can help with this :)

4. Check Marriage License Requirements:

“Be sure to check the marriage license requirements in your area well in advance. Verify how far in ahead of the wedding you can apply, and if there is a waiting period before the license becomes valid. In most cases, both partners need to apply together. Office hours are typically during “business hours,” so you may need to take time off work depending on your schedule. This is the most important item you’ll need to make your marriage legal, so don’t leave this until the last minute.”

5. Don’t forget to take one copy of your wedding stationery suite to be photographed!

Don’t forget to save stationery for the photographer! And anything they have that’s double sided or has more than one point of view I need multiples for.

For More info on how a NJ wedding planner can help you to not forget these important NJ wedding day Details check out Knot Just Wedding Events LLC 732-735-3189

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