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Incorporating your Moms dress or viel into your NJ wedding

There are many ways to personalize and incorporate your moms wedding dress into your wedding day details. 

One idea is to Repurpose it into the flower girl dress ive seen that done. Another is to wrap swatches of lace or fabric from the viel and dresses around the handle of the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets. the florist can do this for you also. You can also Incorporate it into the veil, especially if the dress features lace.

Some other unqiue ideas: 

• Turn the dress fabric into a ceremony backdrop or decor for the ceremony • Find a designer (check Etsy) who can turn the fabric into a pretty clutch for deanna ? • Turn swatches of fabric into textile rosettes, which you can incorporate into your wedding-day look ex. glue them to a hair comb to wear in her hair 

For help and a affordable nj wedding planner check out Knot Just Wedding Events LLC 


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