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Making your NJ Wedding Cake Unique

Three tiers, white fondant frosting, maybe a ribbon or a couple of flowers. If you’ve been to a New Jersey wedding, you’ve seen one of those classic, traditional cakes. They’re classic for a reason: They're timeless. Traditional might not be for you though. Perhaps you want a cake that represents just how unique you are. In that case, skip the white tiers and go for unique wedding cakes instead.

A Painted Masterpiece NJ wedding cake.Why not let your cake decorator truly flex their creativity with a painted wedding cake? The sky is the limit with this, and they could paint just about anything. This can incorporate your wedding colors and make a big statement for your NJ wedding day.

A Geode Cake ,even rocks can house something truly magical inside of them. Of course, we’re talking about the geode. Have your wedding cake splitting with beautiful sugar crystals, looking just like a real geode. This will make a big statement!

A groom's cake, this is to really make your NJ groom to be feel special and add another element of dessert to your party!

Any theme you have for your NJ wedding a cake can help make it all come together! Knot Just Wedding Events LLC affordable NJ wedding planner can help make all your wedding cake dreams come true! 732-735-3189 Follow us on Instagram @knotjustweddingeventsnj Like us on Facebook @knotjustweddingeventsnj Follow us on Twitter @knot_just_wed

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