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Should you have open seating at your NJ wedding?

A new trend I have been seeing more of this year is open seating for guests at NJ weddings and special events! There are some pros and cons to this idea and can be difficult depending on the size of your guest list!


-There isn't the task for the you to figure out where to sit everyone. -Your guests are free to sit with whomever they choose. -It makes socializing easier for your family and friends - in a buffet style wedding it gives your NJ wedding a cocktail hour feel


-Guests might get confused on where to sit since it strays from tradition - With large guest counts, latecomers will find it difficult to find a seat -Guests could end up at a table with people they dislike or don't know. -Family members might be offended because they aren't near the couple - No traditional seating can cause your wedding to come off as hectic

Although this is a newer trend make sure it's something that suites your NJ wedding style and won't become a hassle on your wedding day. The last thing you want is your wedding to start off in a confusing and uncomfortable way. However, if you are looking for a more casual feel, this might be the way to go!

For more planning tips visit us at or call us at 732-735-3189 for all your NJ wedding planning needs!

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