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NJ wedding essentials

Some NJ Wedding Essentials you may have forgotten about...

Knot Just Wedding Events LLC is known for our planning skills on our couple's NJ wedding day. Even months leading up to the wedding day, we are busy with consultations with the couple, communicating setup times with vendors & finalizing schedules for your one and only NJ wedding day. Our goal is to help our NJ wedding couples to glide on through their wedding from start to finish feeling like they are stress free! So many thankful bridesmaids, grooms, and grateful parents ask us how we do what we do in such a long period of time. Its a little thing we call our bridal emergency kit & it is with us from the time we arrive at the brides getting ready location in the morning until when we leave you for the day. With so much that we ensure will go right, there is, of course, little things that can always go wrong. That is where our trusty kit comes in handy!

Our bridal kit has pretty much anything you wish you could fit in your purse at any given moment. Everything from bobby pins, safety pins, brushes, floss, scope, bandaids, tissues, eyelash glue , hairspray, powder, crazy glue, scissors, tums, sewing kit, tylenol, deodorant, lint brush, mints & more! Every wedding a new emergency item seems to get added! To some this might seem excessive, but to us this is essential!

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