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Choosing your NJ wedding Vendors

Tips for choosing your NJ Wedding vendors:

As a NJ bride you must know your budget and whether or not you want to allow more or less for certain vendors. This will depend on what is important to you. You must also know what style of wedding you want to have for your NJ wedding. Next you must research your NJ wedding vendors! Reviews are super important. If you hire a NJ wedding planner or NJ event designer, they should have a number of 5 star reviews to take a look at. Also, if you liked your friend’s wedding, ask your friend for referrals. A NJ wedding planner can also help you make vendor decisions, even help you save some money!

Choosing your NJ wedding vendors off of your venue’s “preferred vendor” list? Some venues charge vendors to be on these lists, so it’s really just like a magazine advertisement. Just about anyone can be on these types of lists, so still be sure to do your research and read up on them on sites like and . These are great tools to aid in your wedding research.

Next meet with potential vendors. This is by far the best thing to do when choosing your vendors. You’re going to be working fairly closely with these people for quite some time. You want to get along with them. Because let’s face it, not all personalities fit with your wedding style and its important to trust each of your wedding vendors for your one and only NJ wedding day.

If you're looking for a NJ wedding planner to help with your NJ wedding plans check out Knot Just Wedding Events LLC at 732-735-3189

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