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NJ Wedding Planner Checklist

Checklists are lists of items or actions that must be recorded, checked, and rigorously followed. It is difficult to remember an extensive list of chores and things; they are registered for reference and prevent them from being forgotten. Your New Jersey wedding planner also uses checklists to stay on track.


Preparing for a wedding requires many tasks, as well as anticipating different scenarios. New challenges often arise at the eleventh hour in the preparation process, and the wedding planner must be prepared for them in advance to avoid being caught off guard by issues that may arise. As a result, a wedding planner checklist must be created in advance to ensure that your wedding is a success and that your guests praise you for having a successful wedding.

What's Included

As part of the wedding planning checklist, the following items should be included: the wedding theme; the venue; of the meeting; and an estimate of the meeting's costs, including entertainment and DJ.

Your wedding planner's checklist does not stop here. As the day of the wedding approaches, she must verify and confirm that everything is as you had planned, that there is no disagreement about the venue, the date, and the hour. It would help if you also decided on the number of guests who will attend, the menu and caterers, the lighting and sound effects, who will meet and greet guests at the airport. In this regard, using a New Jersey limousine service will be greatly appreciated by your out-of-town guests.

Meeting planners get hyperactive a month before the wedding. The wedding planner checklist becomes longer as the wedding date approaches. At the beginning of the process, a wedding planner checklist is often brief yet comprehensive. The following is always considered:

  • Checking the final seating arrangements.

  • Providing the final estimate of guests to the caterers to prepare the appropriate food and beverages.

The Countdown Starts

As the countdown to the wedding starts, the wedding planner will have little time to relax since she will be working at a fast pace to prepare for it. Your wedding planner becomes her only friend as she verifies, checks, and rechecks to see if she has forgotten anything important, if a new challenge has developed, whether everything is moving according to plan, and so on. Before a wedding, the last phase is the most critical and can be stressful.

On the day before the wedding, she must double-check everything she has been working on for months. Finally, on the day of the wedding, she arrives at the venue well before the rest of the group to allow for any last-minute preparations.


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