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Backyard wedding Planner NJ

Many people are apprehensive about hosting a tented wedding due to the unpredictability of the weather here in New Jersey or overwhelmed at the prospect at starting from a blank canvas.  Hopefully, through my experience, I can share some expert wedding planner tips to help you navigated the perfect backyard wedding.

Schedule a walk-through

If you are thinking about having a backyard wedding but don’t know where to start, simply give your favorite local tent company a call to come check out the space.  They will be able to tell you what size tent will fit comfortably, if the ground is level enough, what size dance floor works, and talk to you about lighting, power and all the essentials!

Lights & Power

Pathways lights and uplighting will be areas that you should budget for to keep your guests safe.  When it comes to power, do your research. Find out from your caterer and band or DJ how much power they will each need. My suggestion is always to splurge for the generator since nothing kills the party quite like when the music stops, no one wants that!


Backyard weddings can be expensive so know the costs and what is a comfortable budget before committing. A NJ wedding planner can help you with estimated costs for each area including rentals.   I also recommend leaving some wiggle room in your budget for your Plan B. If the weather is looking iffy, you can add a ceremony or cocktail tent or walkways where needed to insure all your guests are comfy. Although there are many perks of having a raw space that will conform to any style wedding you wish to have, you are creating a space from nothing and everything will need to be brought in to create an inviting and personalised wedding all your own!

Hire the help needed !

My ultimate recommendation is to hire a NJ wedding planner with backyard wedding experience. They will be important in anticipating what you need to create the ultimate experience for you and your guests. At the very least, a day of coordinator will save you from running around the morning of your wedding.  A caterer with experience in this area is also a great idea.

Are you thinking of hosting a backyard NJ wedding and need help? Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. I would love to help you have your dream wedding!

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