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Lesson's learned when planning a NJ wedding

Here are some lessons and tips I've learned along the way as a NJ wedding planner

1. Think beyond the altar. The wedding is more than just a party; it’s about your decision to share your life with another person. Make sure you and your hubby-to-be discuss your future plans (where you'll live, how you'll raise your kids) in addition to seating charts and the honeymoon!

2. Make it personal. The last thing I wanted was a ceremony and reception that could have worked for any couple. I’d suggest adding as many small, personal touches as possible so your wedding is unique just like you both as a couple!

3. The guest count will likely be your biggest annoyance Make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page about how large you want your wedding to be.

4.. Compromise! Sure it’s your day, but try to make your loved ones happy, too. It can be tough to relinquish some of that control, but compromising makes it all the better for everyone involved

5. Don’t commit to too much DIY. Yes, you're smart, creative and crafty, but you only have so much time. Limit DIY projects to those that are the most cost-effective or meaningful to you personally

6. Music is everything.

Do you want guests sitting around during the time they’re supposed to be dancing? Get a DJ or band who knows how to read and work a crowd. its worth every penny

7. Learn from your fellow brides. Take advantage of friends’ weddings by paying attention to details and deciding what you like and don’t like. Also ask your wedding planners advice.

8. Engagement photos are a must-have.

9. Don't be afraid to assign tasks to your groom. Too often, I hear about grooms who do nothing to plan for their wedding… that certainly wouldn’t be my preference. If you want your groom’s opinion (which you probably should) have him help!


For all your needs on your NJ wedding day check out Knot Just Wedding Events LLC 732-735-3189

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