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New Jersey Wedding and Event Planners

Are you planning your wedding? Do you want your wedding to be a wonderful and memorable experience? Remember lack of proper planning for your wedding can make you feel overwhelmed by cost increases and time management. That why Michelle Perez and her experienced team of planners, are here to assist you to visualize your dream wedding to reality. We ensure you will not have any hitch and will remain sane all the way.

The following are the reasons why you should offer them an opportunity to plan your wedding.

Time Management

Time is a critical aspect that will determine how effective your event will be. Our team values time a lot, and we ensure that we are not behind. Our team distributes the work amongst them and allocates time for each job. Michele Perez monitors the team, and will quickly respond to the challenges faced during preparations. The team is best at coming up with workable alternatives in case there is a last-minute rush to avoid running out of time and disorganization. This because we understand on our wedding day every single second counts and it is of great importance. Hence, we cannot afford to be late.

Saving Your Expenses

The planner will help you to calculate the total cost of your of your wedding, reception, and honeymoon. We ensure that you get the services corresponding to your budget. This will help you realize that your wedding budget will go along with your plan and become more realistic once you know the amount you are going to pay for each service. Also, we have the contacts along with the best deals on facilities and venues and will do price negotiation on your behalf and offer you a chance to choose your favorite and get the best for your event. You will have that opportunity to discuss the reception with the caterer and in case of special diet or food will be served. We make sure you get the best quality at a friendly price without any inconveniences and hassle of dealing with the vendors.

Always Available

It’s our great achievement when your wedding or event is conducted smoothly as per your expectations. Therefore, we are always ready to offer the best services, even in unforeseen circumstances. We are always prepared to provide the best anytime our services are needed. Also, we are always ready with the arrangement to counter these last minutes glitches. This is because we have a well-trained team and are always willing to serve the clients at any given chance.


Having been in this field for a very long time, we have acquired all of the needed experience and different unique parties that we have planned successfully. As professional event planners we are able to differentiate what is standard and what is not. We organize a perfect venue for your wedding and ensure you and your guests are happy and enjoy the services. Our team are experts and has a huge variety of decorations, furniture, and entertainment options that will go along with the theme of the day. Also, we are familiar with the latest trends, the newest venues, and hottest party themes that are cost friendly to your budget. Working with the expert, you get access to a vast wealth of options to make your wedding memorable.

Well Organized

Our event planners are always well organized in resources, workforce, and has the time to see all aspect of your wedding is in accordance to the wish of our clients. Be organized when taking the assignment includes, understanding all that is needed to host a perfect wedding or events and work to achieve the initial goals.

Stress Relief

Preparing for every task on your wedding day requires a logical process with every activity carried out in a particular order. The event planner will give you a well-prepared guideline for a sequence of events. This will save you the stress of worrying about the plan for the wedding. Having the confidence and knowledge that the event planners have done it before leaves you stress-free. The planners will come up with a firm timeline to be followed and ensure the event is carried per the arrangement of your wedding.


We are creative, and think beyond the norm. We come up with new ideas to make your wedding stand out from the rest of the events we have organized. In every event we organize, we ensure it unique in its own way. Our creativity always challenges us and brings out the best of us. Once we have the idea, will present to our client get their approval, and do some changes when necessary.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is very crucial for a wedding planner. Our team is trained with good communication skill to convey their thoughts effectively to the clients and the guest during the event. We listen and pay attention to all details and concerns of the client. After that, we respond and explain to you all that you need to know. We understand it’s your event and it ought to make you happy at any cost.

Make Your Venue Look Amazing

Our team is always ready to ensure anyplace of your choice will work and prepare it to look amazing. If you select your house as the venue, they will turn your dream to reality and will exceed your expectations. We will prepare the venue according to the theme of your event and get the best.

The Takeaway

The best way to celebrate your wedding or any other event in style without any stress is by giving the event planner a chance to be in charge of planning. That why New Jersey wedding, and event planner we are commented to offer our services. We always ensure you and your guest will be impressed throughout the event and create a memorable moment of the day. We always ensure your dream wedding is turned to reality and you enjoy your event to a maximum at a friendly cost.

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