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Planning Your New Jersey Wedding

Planning Your New Jersey Wedding

Even though you’ve stocked up on all the most recent bridal publications you can find, it seems that they don’t really help you in organizing and planning your own wedding. Sure, there are many pages beautiful color photographs showing wedding gowns and rings along with lots of “how-to” articles on wedding planning, but all of that might just serve to confuse you even more. Before you panic, you should realize that all you have to do is begin planning your wedding earlier rather than later. Professionals like Michelle Perez of Knot Just Wedding Events can make a huge difference.

First of all, create a way to file every detail in one place. This can be a binder with tabs for each category. These categories should include Catering, Bakery, Florist, Photography, Ceremony, Music, Reception and Transportation. You can arrange these in order of importance or alphabetically, whichever is easiest for you. Another choice is an accordion file.

With this, you can see all categories at a glance. Whatever system you decide upon, keep your receipts, brochures, pictures, business cards and other important items in this same area.

When you’ve got your system arranged, start doing some research. There are so many books available both in physical form and ebook form on planning weddings that your biggest problem will be deciding on the ones that will help you the most. You can also save money and find them in your public library.

Locate a layout for a wedding timetable. It will have a list of things you need to do according to the timeline of your wedding. These will give you the items in the order that you need to do them. Included will be such thing as talking with your fiance and parents to figure out the budget, deciding on how many people to invite, selecting the type of wedding it will be and possibly interviewing wedding coordinators. The timetable is to help you keep things on track and you can even use your computer to create one.

When you’ve got an idea of how everything works in planning your wedding, you can start asking your family and friends for help. Assign everyone a task to take care of and you’ll have everything done in plenty of time to enjoy your wedding day.

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