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How-To: Give a great Wedding Toast

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of wedding speeches & toasts. Some of them have been amazing, making me laugh and cry. Some of them have been not so good, and some embarrassing. I want to help you make sure that the toasts at your NJ wedding are as amazing as you deserve. So, here are a few tips to pass along to your MOH or BM!

1. Introduce yourself & your relationship to the couple. 2.. Provide a thought about the couple (how they met, how you met them) 3. Tell the couple your wish for them 4. Cheers! (Here’s the actual toast!)

That’s it! Go hug the couple who is now thrilled because you just gave a clear, & heartfelt speech that didn’t last an hour or embarrass anyone. Then go have fun at this NJ wedding of a lifetime!

DON’T LOSE THE CROWD!There are two surefire ways to have people paying more attention to their salad than to you. The first common mistake that speakers make is to run through a ton of inside jokes about the half of the couple that they’re representing. Keep in mind that the people gathered in front of you are the family, friends, and colleagues of the couple – they’re from all walks of life and they’re all different ages. Think about your speech and examine whether it will fluster the 80 year olds or be inappropriate for the 8 year olds. If you’re thinking it might, cancel that part out!

Another way to have everyone staring at you because your up there talking too long! Receptions are only four hours long, and no one wants to spend a quarter of the night on their rear-end listening to speeches – not even the couple! Time yourself when rehearsing. If you’re really worried about it, designate someone in the audience to keep an eye on the time and give you a signal when it’s time to finish!

DON’T BE OVERLY ANYTHING! (DRUNK, WEEPY, etc ) I always try to have my couples schedule their speeches early in the event, because a drunken speaker is never a good speaker. You also want your guests to know who is giving a speech for you! Wedding days are full of seriously strong emotion – not just for the couple but for their friends and family.

So, make some time in your schedule to write a thoughtful speech and then run through it several times before the big moment. This will help to ensure your happiness and the wedding couples as well!

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