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A wedding planners insight

When it comes to coordinating a perfect affair, no one knows weddings better than a planner herself who sees almost every different wedding scenario. Although a New Jersey wedding planner will do everything in her power to steer a bride in the right direction, at the end of the day, it’s not her wedding. After planning many weddings I'd like to share with you what this Knot Just Wedding Event Planner avoided during my own wedding planning process in March of 2016!

First Mistake Avoided- Inviting too many people Big guest lists come with added costs, but they can also stir up drama. The rule between my husband and I was if we didn't meet the person ever before in our 5 years of dating, they shouldn’t be at your wedding. Wedding guests should personally know the bride and groom well. Otherwise, it’s just random people you’re supplying with a open bar and some food! Avoiding a large guest list also helps with your budget. 

Second Mistake Avoided - Going cheap on your wedding Photographer/ Videographer A good wedding photographer is worth their weight in gold! You don't want to go cheap on this particular vendor because your wedding photos and video are priceless. I could thank my wedding photographer/ videographer a 100x for the great images and video they captured! and it was worth every cent! Third Mistake Avoided : DIY-ing your wedding flowers Unless you are a professional florist, it’s not worth the last minute stress! Even If you have a professional NJ wedding planner to execute these huge details, it's still a stress on your mind to be sure it is setup to how you envisioned. Flowers aren't top of the list to blow your budget on, but you can get affordable flowers by a professional, it is possible! My florist for my own wedding delivered bouquets and boutonnieres to my parents and my husband's parents. Followed by delivery to the church and venue, along with full setup of everything. I didn't have a worry in the world!

Fourth Mistake Avoided : Setting up or breaking down your wedding (or asking family & friends to do so for you) Who wants to work all day on their own wedding day and pay for everyone to come party? I wouldn’t ask my family or friends to set up or break down the event either. They are there to celebrate, so let them. It’s worth the investment to hire good vendors to take care of this for you. Your wedding planner is a key to this particular task! 

Fifth Mistake avoided : Getting married on a Saturday Sure, Saturday weddings are easy on guests’ schedules, but the costs may not always be convenient for every couple. Saturday events cost more money than any other day of the week, no matter what month you choose. I personally picked a Thursday in a off month. People who love you will come no matter what the day you choose! For all NJ wedding advice and help in planning your special wedding day check out Knot Just Wedding Events LLC located in Garwood NJ Contact us at 732-735-3189

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